Scene: Kristy and Jeff (the Co-worker) enter the United States Post Office at lunch.


Me: I need $0.65 stamps . I would like the butterfly ones, please.

Postal Worker (PW): We are sold out of the butterflies. All we have are wedding cakes or leader dogs for $0.65.

Me: Hmmmmm, wedding cakes are weird for my 3 year old’s birthday party invites. What else do you have? I could just get the $0.45 “Celebrate” and then an extra $0.20 stamp, right? What do you have in an $0.20???

PW: We have these in a 20. (showing page of stamps across the counter)

Me: Ewww, He is UGLY! No way am I am putting him on my invites.

PW (offended): Umm, that’s George Washington.

Me: Who are you, his mother? I don’t care who he is… he is NOT going on my invites! Gimme the damn leader dogs.

PW: Good Luck with that!

Me: Thanks! 🙂

PW: No, I was talking to him!

Jeff: You have no idea…….



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