New hobby

Drew hard at work, coloring by numbers. A new favorite hobby.


The Family Fridge

Many have inquired about the unique shopping habits of the Brouwers, especially if they have read the Organics page on this blog.

“Do you really plan all your meals?” Yes.

“Do you cook fresh every meal?” Yes (unless it’s pizza night!)

“Do you really empty your fridge each week?” Yes! And here is a picture of our fridge on Saturday, before our weekly shopping trip. See all the empty shelves? All that is left are the staples and a few items we brought home from up north last weekend.


It is a rare occasion if a frozen and/or processed food product is served on our table. YUK! You too can eat fresh, eat clean, eat Organic. Pick your NON-poison! It is not any more expensive, it just requires a lot more planning and tons of list making. But we have it down to a science here. We are in and out of the grocery store quicker than before our lifestyle change (4 years ago).

To prove my point, I snaped some pics after coming home form our weekly shoppping spree. This week’s menu was choosen completely by Chris. Usually we share the responsibility of making the week’s menu, but Chris just took charge and got it done while I drove us all to Drew’s 6 month dentist appointment. Here is the menu for this week:


From this we use the awesome free app “Our Groceries” to build our list. The app even sorts the items into which aisle they are located in the store, making our shopping trip very quick and effiecient.

Here it is! ALL the groceries we purchased for the ENTIRE week. This includes all breakfasts, lunches, snacks and five pre-planned dinners. We use the menu board to remind us what ingredients we have in the fridge. Once the board is erased, we know we are out of food and must go shopping again. Simple.


But why five meals? Five meals becuase if you know me, you know I love pizza, so one night a week we usually have pizza. The seventh night we either have leftovers or if no leftovers are available, we will go out to dinner. Overbuying is a HUGE waste of money, so we have learned over the years to only pre-plan for five meals.

Here is my packed fridge for the week that holds all the yummy fresh ingridents to feed my boys:


And here are all the items that will be added my pantry for the week. That’s it!


Eat fresh, eat clean, read labels! It matters! Make your home your sanctuary of wholesome and healthy food. There will be plenty of opportunities outside of the home to be tempted by all the GARBAGE out there. This is our trick to save money and time… its a win-win. 🙂