Family Fun Getaway

Over the past week we have had a lot of visitors!  Aunt Holly, Uncle Victor, Bronson and Colby all traveled from Phoenix to stay with us!  After a long and eventful flight here (just ask Holly!  Actually, don’t bring it up…) we headed north to Lake Ogemaw so the boys could have fun in the sun up on the lake.  The long weekend was great and even highlighted by a five, yes I said FIVE, hour wait at the West Branch ER due to some pretty scary bug bites all over Drew.
“Um, yes Mr. EMT I see that you have had three ambulances come in here and a dude who ran in the doors holding his fingers in his *other* hand, but could someone please come look at my son’s mosquito bites!!!” Ugg. Longest night ever.

After six hours in the car up north and back, we decided to withstand more road trip torture and drive the 3.5 hours to Niagara Falls.  It was all worth it.  The boys got their first stamp in their passports -YEA CANADA- we were able to do all the touristy stuff the falls offers.  Great hotel, great view, great food!

After three days, we headed home to play and relax with local family. Drew and Bronson found out that Aunt Sue was a real farmer and they loved helping her with the goats and chickens (some of which she had no idea she even owned!) It was a fun time, no matter what Colby tells you! I promise!


Great Grandpa, Bronson, Drew and Great Grandma


Very manly kitty beach towel


“Ma’am, I know it has been five hours but I promise you that you are next.”
“Well, I think you are lying and I don’t believe you” True story.


More than a mist


Holly did not enjoy my scenic tour of the hotel – one floor at time, all the way to 41!


Room with a view!
American Falls on the left, misty morning on the Horseshoe Falls on the right


“Aunt Sue, how can I be a farmer?” – Bronson


They even got Aunt Sue to crawl in the chick coop with them to retrieve their prize!


Aunt Sue: the baby whisperer


See Colby… it was a fun trip!

More pics to come……


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