Car Seat Lady: Mirrors and Window Shades?

Oct 31, 2013
Hello! Sorry to bother you, I know your the expert on car seat safety!;) I am outfitting my SUV with mirrors and was wondering if you have any advice on window shades? They look like a pain in the butt. I also read some people are against them. Do I need them? I drive a 2013 ford explorer so back windows are tinted. Any advice?!

Actually we recommend against mirrors. They cannot be used in moving vehicles (and some companies even write that in fine print on the box!). This is because they are held in by tiny plastic clips or velcro strips. In a crash, everything will fly forward (imagine what happens now when you slam on the brakes, your purse flies off the seat and lands on the floor right?) Well that big hard mirror will also fly forward, come off and slam into your peanut’s face! Mirrors have caused so many injuries. Trust me you don’t need one. 99% of the time he will we sleeping and for your safety, peanut’s safety and the rest of us for that matter, I want your eyes on the road not your beautiful sleeping babe! Now 1% he will be awake and may be screaming…. your momma bear will kick in and you pull that car over ASAP and check him out. Just looking at him in the mirror will not be good enough for you!

Window shades…. if your windows are tinted you don’t need them. If your windows are not tinted you can purchase the static cling version not the roll down shade version. Remember Color-Forms when we were little? They are thin plastic and they stick to glass? That kind! And you get 2 for $5! The roll down ones are awful because #1 no one ever rolls them up and down #2 the suction cups deteriorate and then they come flying off and, you guessed it, hit and injure your baby! Oh…. all the items I wish they would just outlaw….
One thing, if you do get the static cling shades, they cannot be used over window defoggers when they are in use. They will melt!

Seriously, call me anytime to talk car seats! People do everyday. I can even meet you for your free check! I hope all is well with the new addition. Congrats!

Thank you so much!! That sums it up for me!! I have some of the cling ones already! Time to return all this excessive junk! I’m so glad I messages you! Have a happy Halloween!;)


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