So why am I posting in the middle of the workday you ask?  Here’s the story:

4am: Drew started crying hysterically, waking us all up and I run to his room.
He was crying and gasping for breath so I picked him up to comfort him. Oh no… now I’m covered in barf. Apparently, he had thrown up on himself and all in his bed. So I set him on the floor where he barfed again. Awesome.
Next, I stripped him naked and took him into my bathroom where he barfed on my toilet. Not in it. On it.
Chris got up and was bringing me wet wash cloths to clean barf-baby and we got him all settled, took his temp (98.2F) and brushed his teeth.
Drew climbed into bed with Chris while I went back into Drew’s room for his pillow and pjs. And what do I step in???? What you ask?? You guessed it. The barf on the floor. Ugg. Cut me some slack, it was 4am, I was tired and I did not want to turn on the lights. Lesson learned. OK, clean up that mess, get drew dressed and get everyone back into bed. All is quiet and peaceful then Drew whispers, “My tummy does not feel good”. I’m thinking: OMG, if he pukes, the only place left to go is for all of us to crawl in bed with Keri and John. I guess I should grab the Pepto.  (**Note: Drew loves Pepto. We have to hide it from him because if he even sees the bottle he will mysteriously be stricken with an awful tummy ache and require a dosage of Pepto stat.) I was crossing my fingers that this single 4am dose would not turn into a full-out Pepto Relapse by tomorrow morning.

6am: Chris’ alarm finally wakes everyone up. I’m hoping that the 4am incident was actually caused by Drew waking up crying and working himself up so much that he puked. Rather than him puking then crying (the whole “which came first: the chicken or the egg” thing). I hoped all would be well and we could go about our normal friday and send Drew to school to play with his friends since he was fever-free. Drew rolls over and says “My tummy does not feel good”. My first thought: Pepto Relapse! I said “Ok, if you think you are really going to throw up, do it in the toilet”. He said “Gross. I’m not going to throw up in the toilet that’s for poops!” and then he proceed to barf EVERYWHERE on  my hardwood floors in my bedroom. Now mind you, I would much rather clean puke off hardwood then out of carpet but the issue was that I was now stranded. I had to climb over my bed to get some towels in the hallway closet then cross back across the river of goo to get to my sink in my bathroom. All while repeatedly screaming “DREW! DON’T! MOVE!”  Well, I guess I am not going to work today. Today is sure to be loads of fun. Sigh.

8am: I managed to get Drew to keep down a half cup of apple juice and two bites of toast. SUCCESS!

12pm: Drew just finished a bowl of cereal and another cup of apple juice. But now he is getting that queezy look in his eye and he is mumbling about his tummy. Since he is refusing to make the toilet his target I had to convince him to carry around a small wastebasket wherever he goes. He was not fond of the idea until we all pretended to puke in it (even the cat), so now it seems like it may be fun! YEAH!

So here I am, at home, doing LOTS of laundry and about to fire up my steam cleaner praying my sweet pea takes a nap to get the rest his system obviously needs to beat this nasty little bug. Come visit us, we are home today…. IF YOU DARE!  😉


2 thoughts on “Pepto

  1. Awww, my poor little Drew! 😦 I feel your pain, Kristy. Puke, 4 am, more puke, sick baby….not good. Here’s to hoping Drew recovers soon and that none of you catch it!

  2. oh my god. you even make puking funny. well I guess it’s all in the retelling not the living through it.Oh the joys of parenting.

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